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Steps (1) arrow_drop_up arrow_drop_down
Obtain the tax clearance certificate for Customs clearance  (1) expand_more expand_less

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Summary of the procedure

Where to go 1 expand_more expand_less

Office Burundais des Recettes (OBR), EMMAUS Building

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Required Documents expand_more expand_less

Commercial Invoice

Cost Free

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Free of charge

Total Duration 3h. 10mn - 6h. 20mn  expand_more expand_less

  Min. Max.
Total time (sum): 3h. 10mn 6h. 20mn
of which:
Waiting time in queue (sum): 5mn 10mn
Attention at counter: 5mn 10mn
Waiting time until next step (sum): 3h. 6h.

Laws 4 expand_more expand_less

loi numéro 1/12 du 25 novembre 2020 relative aux procédures fiscales et non fiscales Law No. 1/12 of 25 November 2020 on Tax and Non-Tax Procedures Articles 17, 19, 21-23
Ordonnance de mis e en application de la loi sur la procédure fiscale de2020 Ordinance to implement the Tax Procedure Act 2020 (art) 12
Réf: 540/92/CG/01/2664/A.N./2017 Public Notice Dated 13 September 2017
Note de service N/Réf 540/92/CTI/05/249/F.M/2020 Service Note No 540/92/CTI/05/249/F.M/2020
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